2000. 8. 25. · When it comes to the blue books, take the values with a grain of salt, and don't base your negotiations for either trade-in or direct sale solely on blue book prices. Always get a deal
These boat value calculators can give estimated pricing to know the boat's worth but if your boat is a rare model or has custom upgrades then you cannot really used them. When getting your boat's price evaluated, there are four main areas that need to be considered: Cosmetic (the look and feel, design, of the boat)
Well, we can save you the trouble of trying to sort through the 350 million-plus results you'll get. When trying to price a boat that's for sale, start by determining the average pricing for your boat and similar models by checking these resources. Book value according to NADA Guides. Internet boat for sale listings.
A single-axle boat trailer can cost anywhere from $700 to over $4,000. Smaller 10’ to 14’ boats are usually under $1,500 but remember that weight, towing capacity, size, and accessories can always increase the price tag. For single-axle trailers that carry boats in the 16’ to 21’ range, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000.
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